Crude Awakening: Peak Oil & The End of Cheap Energy: Part 1 by Tim Hudson

Peak oil is upon us. The energy crisis is looming. Tim Hudson presents Crude Awakening: Peak Oil & The End of Cheap Energy: Part 1 - What it is, How and When it Will Happen.

"We think the Peak Oil point has three sides." On one side is the energy, on the second side is the environment, and on the third side is the economics. "Everybody positions themselves kind of in this three dimensional weighting, their value system, about what's important amongst all these things... Think of all three."

"Peak Oil is the point where the rate of oil extraction begins to permanently decline... We suddenly get a switch from an oil buyers market, to a sellers market, and there is a sudden increase in prices..." Hudson describes the bloom of books, articles, films, and websites on Peak Oil. "Some are predicting doom and gloom... Peak Oil will be like the 1970s oil crisis, but this time, it is here to stay."

Hudson describes the relationship and links between money and the energy supply. "We probably need to better understand the relationship between our financial system, our civilization itself that the financial system was constructed under, and cheap energy and this assumption that we must grow financially every year..."


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